Some of the spare figures I had from the large bag of Macedonians which I used to start the Pyrrhic army, these were unusable as Pyrrhics, but I didn't want to leave them unpainted - the Pyrrics themselves were started as a plan to make a dent in the unpainted lead pile.
So I have a handfull of true Macedonian units, which may get used sometime.
Macedonian bowmen, Hypaspists and Podromoi.
I have now finished the Pyrrhics, and determined to use those figures for the bulk of this army as well, but to introduce the necessary extra figures here to allow all options for both (although not at once).
Armati has a lot of lists for Macedonians, and there are a good number of Warflute extra lists as well, so I knocked up a spreadsheet to try to get a handle on whether it would be possible to make a universal Macedonian army which could fit out any one option if required.
It al seems to round off to a fairly reasonable sort of project, now that the Pyrrhics are completed.  Things like Companions are fairly obvious, as are Indian options and Persian subject options, but I also want to do Agryaspids to go with the Hypaspists, Greek subjects and Scythians.  Interestingly, skirmisher options feature highly with Persian Javelins and Persian bow, and even a persian slinger being required to match the list options.
That said, however, I need a break from Ancients painting, so I think this one is a later project.
From the Pyrrhic project: Two types of Phalangites and the Galatian mercenaries.
Elite cavalry (serving as an Agema unit for one list) and Greek cavalry the Macedonian light cavalry.
Slingers, Peltasts and SI Javelins
 So much for the shared elements of both armies, from here on in it will be new figures specifically for Macedonians and Macedonian options (including a new elephant, as they are fun to paint).  And of course, a new Alexander is required.
All figures here are Xyston (although the Podromoi may have something else in them) and LBMS transfers.