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Napoleon, my part in his downfall !
  Francois-Joseph Sandmann, Napoleon at St Helena
My cousin has been researching our family tree, and apparently, we descend from King George 4th!
Admittedly, it is an illegitimate line (which rather explains the lack of any funds or property in the family, and the minimlist presence in the home counties), but still better to be a royal bastard than just a bastard.
More importantly, it means I can claim to have brought about Napoleons downfall ad mea prothopatrem !
George at the time of his regency
Further, we can claim to have been portrayed on screen by no less than Rupert Everett (in the Madness of King George (the third, I hasten to add - which introduces the question of being a bastard son of a bastard son, if you take that view on the genetic cause of said madness not reappearing in any subsequent royal), and Hugh Laurie in Blackadder the third.
All highly amusing stuff, and of considerable value when I next get into bother with the in-laws at family occasions - after all, everyone is impressed by a claim to royal descent, no matter how far down you happen to have come.
I have a few ideas of things I want to do within the Napoleonics period, so I will put them in here as they start to move into something more concrete than a vague notion.
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