Auerstadt in 15mm

Auerstadt in 15mm
This will be my main project to come for many years - I now have space for a decent sized table to try out my ideas, so its back onto painting the lead to put them into action.
Gaspard Gobaut, the Batte of Auerstadt.
I will write a set of rules to suit myself, with no compromises toward previous basing or expected traditions in gaming.
My figures will all be bespoke for those rules alone, scaled at one base per company or squadron, and the correct number of companies / squadrons per batallion / regiment. Base width will be approximate to the number of men in that formation, giving a reasonable approximation of the footprint of each unit, and thus, the size of the terrain features - especially of villages - will be closer to that of the units marching around them.
They will be aimed at roughly a Division per side sized games, but with a 'big game' at a Corp per side - with the plan being one of those big games, that of my favourite battle in this scale, Auerstadt.
Figure wise- I have inherited the beginnings from Essex - we did a Grand Armee refight of Austerlitz in 2005, and I prepared regiments representing Davout's command for that, so I have morphed the figures for that into this project. I may change manufacturers with each fresh brigade, I have not really decided on that yet, as this was a real slow burner project for me, gestating more than it is acted upon.
As Essex have now completed the cavalry range for 1806, I will focus on the more glamorous yet harder-to-make-a-game-of cavalry charges by Blucher.
 I have already done this once in 6mm using Adler figures based for Valmy to Waterloo.  I was able to put that game on at teh 200th anniversary of the battle in 2006, so this is a step up in the world of scale.