Division Gudin

The first French division on the field was that of Gudin.
His forces bore the brunt of the fighting, including the iconic cavalry charges of Blucher.
Division Gudan.
The 8 pdr guns, the division deployed, with first brigade in orde mixte (columns at two company frontage and closed distance), and the front line brigade (12th and 21st regiments) in more detail, and the 4 pdr and 6" howitzer.
The division(s) in the 3rd corp did not have a uniform battery of 6-8 guns of the same weight, as is commonly mistaken.
I have a token cassion to base, and I need to work out how I want to represent skirmishers when deployed properly, and I might add the regiment of chasseurs which were initially attached to his command that morning, but the division itself is done and the project has reached its first milestone.
It is a bit of a surprise to see exactly how much table space it takes up- certainly not a small club pickup game. But I did want to see a decent sized representation of the batallions, and I wanted to get one base per company, while still making the company look something respectable on the table top itself, so I knew it would not leave much room for anything else.
Additionally, the good folks at Essex have been kind enough to look at sculpting some more figures for their 1806 range.
Gudin and staff, A close shot of one of the flank grenadier companies, and an individual batallion (light company front, next to first company), and the brigade general (Petit).
Some of the codings used include 1 gunner per pound, as a simple way to identify gun weight (those corp asset Austrian 12 pdrs are to come), and appropriate flank companies for each batallion. Each gun has its own limber, and I have a token cassion for the division (although I need a longer base for it).
I took the view that the company at full strength here would be 120 men with a 40 man frontage - the third rank might be slightly thinner due to wastage, but remember, this was a very short campaign for the French, and the corps was not involved in the encounter at Saalfield, so they decision on full strength frontages seems sound. That gives a company length of around 26.5 metres.
I think 2 figures per base does not look good enough for a company, and even three figures looked a bit thin on a base, so I needed to go with a 4 figure frontage (as close-spaced as reasonable for the figures themselves - I really do not like individual figures with acres of space around them on a base in this period) and that meant a base/company length of 3.5cm which gives a 9 company French 1806 batallion in line of 31.5 cm.
The consequence, as you can see, is that you really don't get more than one division on a 2 metre table - which is why I was certain I would need to construct my own rules to cope with this once I have the Prussian division to match. Manoever will as a consequence also be comparably limited.
I really enjoyed painting these, and think they stand as a counter to the 18mm enthusiast based criticisms that Essex sometimes get. And they are British, which is nice.
I have rebased the Dragoons from the old Austerlitz game we did back in '05, this gives me 6 squadrons of those. I have added in another 3 squadrons to give three 3 squadron regiments. I will try modeling the elite company within the first squadron. It may look off to have 3 of 5 figures with different hats, but it would be more appropriate given that each base is a squadron. The dragooons also appear to have a lot of lee way on what look they went for in this, as the grenadier bearskin does not seem to be consistent, but there is a guard Dragoon with bearskin figure alerady, so that may swing it..
For Auerstadt, it is Chasseurs to accompany the French infantry division, and I have just ordered the basic figures for this now. Elite companies of chasseurs are a decision again, but I think I have decided to have a good go at head swaps. The Essex chasseurs are slightly later, so they have no plumes on the shako. I happen to have a good number of leger standard bearers, of whom I have no use, so that gives me a good number of the heads to start with. The Elites I can get the heads from the guard chassuers, so every figure - if I get on to this current idea - will be head-swapped for a different figure. Really, they should have a turban of facing colour wrapped around the Shako, but it was mostly the plume I wanted.
The chasseurs with their new heads; and again two squadrons; and the Elite company within one squadron.
Some more snaps of the generals bases.
Cavalry commander, Vialannes, The Davout base, and the obligatory Ogre himself (came in the packet, I assure you)
I also finished three regiments of Dragoons for Austerlitz, mostly because I had the dragoon figures from when these were first begun back in 2005.
The elite company has had their head swapped over with some Grenadier a cheval.