Division Schmettau

The first Prussian Division to engage was to be that of von Schmettau.  Blucher joined him with much of the available cavalry, and that cavalry vs infantry encounter marks the first proper engagement.

Blucher's first cavalry charge
Queen's Dragoons; Heising Kuirassiers; Reitzenstein Kuirassiers

Blucher didn't have all of the cavalry available, that larger charge happened on the other side of the battlefield (and is a famous painting), but he did strip what was available from the nearby divisions. He may have been a hot head attempting to repeat Rossbach - but I don't think he was that stupid, and rather I think he was simply buying time for the rest of the army which was undeployed and on the march.

My best research suggests he only had Dragoons and Kuirassiers at this stage, and one of those was not at full strength (leaving aside the Dragoons habit of ten squadrons split into two formations which can be a bit confusing at first, I am treating each half of the Dragoon and Hussar regiments as separate formations)


12 pound artillery battery ; heavy cassion

Foot artillery here was in large 8 gun batteries of 12 pound pieces.  I have also modelled the cassions because they are cool ad people should make an attempt at them more often - and of course I have a full limber with each gun (not all shown)

von Alvensleben's Brigade
IR 28 Malschitzki; IR40 Schimonsky; IR33 Alvensleben; IR 35 Pz Henry