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Ancients Projects

This is where the bulk of my armies are located.
All are designed for the Armati 2 rules, which we prefer because they allow us to easily play a game to a conclusion in a club evening, whilst still having an army that looks like an army, on the table.
Regular Ancients players may spot that all the infantry are double based to a 40 x 30mm section, rather than the 'standard' 40 x 15mm single rank.  Once you try this, you will soon see why, it makes storing, moving and playing a lot easier, and the sooner other rule sets adopt it, the better off everyone will be.
I regularly play in 'competition' weekends around the UK with these armies as well, although the group of @30 players is much more of an occasional club, now, than a proper competition - and most of our weekeneds are organised on an 'armies already provided' basis, so if you are interested, then you will be most welcome to join us, with no requirement to bring any figures with you for most of the 'rounds' we play.  Join the ArmatiUK Yahoo group for any details. http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/search?query=armati+uk
This is, I think, a particular encouragement for learning a new set of rules, as the weekeneds in question allow you to play 4-5 games with a different army each game, chosen by someone else who should know the pitfalls of army selection, so you need not worry about taking a stinker of an army with you and getting thrashed every game because of it.  All the while still getting to try out armies you probably wouldn't consider having yourself.  (Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why you are likely to get thrashed ... although for some reason, newcomers do tend to do a lot better than some of us old hands at these things now).

Anyway, the sub pages show the individual armies.


for my own usage, herewith the base sizes for DBA 3
 Mounted Troops Type Depth Figures Foot Troops Type Depth Figures
 Elephants El 80 1 SpearsSp 30 4
 Knights 3Kn 45 (60*) 3  8Sp 60 8
  4Kn 45 4 Pikes 4Pk 30 4
  6Kn 80 6  3Pk 30 3
  HCh 60 or 80 1 Blades 4Bd 30 4 **
Cavalry Cv 45 3  3Bd 30 3
 6Cv 80 6  6Bd 60 6
  LCh 60 or 80 1 Auxilia 4Ax 30 4
 Light Horse Lh 45 2  3Ax 30 3
  LCm 45 2 Bows 4Bw Cb, LB 30 4
  Scythed Chariots SCh 60 or 80 1  3Bw, Cb, Lb 30 3
 Camels Cm 45 3  8Bw, Cb, Lb 60 8
 Mounted Infantry Mtd-X 60 or 80 3-4 + mount Psiloi Ps 30 2
 Artillery Art 80 1 Warband 4Wb 30 4
 War Wagons WWg 60 or 120 1  3Wb 30 3
 General CP, Lit, CWg 60 or 120 5-6 Hordes 7Hd 60 7
 Denizens / Followers  30 2-4  5Hd 60 5

* 60 depth can be used for wedges ala Alexander or Scythian Nobles
** Dismounted Kn as Bd can be based as 3