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These are now finished, a biblical Lybian army.
I had almost a quarter of the army as over-ordered figures from the Ptolemeic and Saitic Egyptian armies, it seemed crazy not to complete them into a finished army.
Skirmish bowmen, The chariot mounted general, and his bodyguard (the same figure with a tan-leather cloak stands in for the bulk of the infantry)
They have already had a good run of games, as I was able to start fielding them well before completion, and we used them in this year's Armati competition as a scenario against some Egyptians.
Sea Peoples skirmishers, Lybian skirmishers, and Lybian Light Infantry
I also added in some extra options, as the basic list is far too basic - so I took a lead from the Warrior rules, which I guess took their lead from WRG 7th edition, and allowed some chariotry and some Sea Peoples as allies within the army.  They are great fun to play with these changes, which is more than can be said for the basic list.
Sea Peoples (Sherden) warband, the Sea Peoples Ox Carts - Levy in the armati rules - and some more generic Sea Peoples warbands. 
Figures are all Chariot for the Lybians, with Venexia Sea Peoples and Sherden, and the Essex Sea Peoples ox-carts, and a few Xyston civilians to fill in the stands.