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Most of these guys were painted professionally by Under the Bed Enterprises.  I was expecting to take them to a competition, and had no time to paint an army appropriate to the period myself, an this was the smallest army to get painted.
Cataphracts on the left, Surena in the middle, and Parthian Horse Archers on the right.
In the end, I didn't make it to the compeitition for some forgotten reason, but the army is a great one to look at.
Its an odd army to play with - if you shoot badly with the horse archers, you can't win, if you shoot well, you can't lose.  I find that all my cataphracts die early, and then I finally have the room to evade around the table with my Horse Archers, but the games can go quite a long time if the shooting dice are against you.  The Armati command structure works against them as well, as it is very difficult to fit all of the Horse Archers into moveable pairs, and you frequently end up with a big block of them who always die early.
A selection of skirmishers
Later, I painted up the extra options to make it fieldable as both the basic rules list, and also the additional Warflute list - which gives some allied options - Arabs, Sarmatians, some Greek settler foot.
Pre Islamic Arab heavy cavalry, Arab light Cavalry in the middle, and Sarmatian cavalry on the right
I took the view that the Camels were not armoured in battle - there is some debate about this, but I don't think it makes sense to armour a slow moving camel any further, when its main effect is dscomforting horses, not charging into the middle of them.  Besides, the rules don't give you a good armour protection against shooting with them, so it seems pointless to pretend they have arrow vulnerable armour.
The Camels, and some Greek settle foot
This army was going to morph into the Armenian list - which is a lot more fun to play with, if not as sucessful.  As you can see, the Armenians are now a full army in their own right.  A wise decision, as we have paired the two up on occasion at our Armati scenario rounds.
Figures are mostly Essex and Donnington, some Lancashirre games as well I think, and perhaps some more odds and sods as well.