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This was my first major army project which I felt I really had some good ideas to convey when I designed it.
One of the Ptolomies, flanked by his Royal bodyguard 'Agema'.  The hand scribbled eagle (or duck) on lightening bolts actually looks closer to the real design found on coinage than anything professionally produced, I think.   
I picked the Ptolomeics because we didn't have anything which looked different from any other successor state available in the club.  Once I got a little into who they were, I was able to focus on the notion that this was a conservative, defensive minded state compared to its neighbours, relying upon mercenaries and settlers and not on its own native Egyptian soldiery, rarely adventuring onto the offensive unless it was confident that the target was unable to defend against its attack, and crucially, encouraging thinkers before fighters at the state level.  I saw a bit on the telly recently which suggested that once Ptolomy had taken control, he encourage over 150 000 Greeks to settle in Southern Egypt, which helps explain why they were able to field such a large Phalanx.
Greek mercenary Hoplites on the left, Greek / Macedonian Setter Machimoi centre, and the shabbily dressed Egyptian native pike on the right.
I also stumbled upon a rather entertaining historical fiction series covering the Ptolomeic Dynasty - 'the Ptolemies quartet' by Duncan Sprott (although far, I've only found the first two), but they do add to the colour when playing with them if you can imagine one of this bonkers bunch of inbred aristos leading you do an untimely end.
Two units of Greek / Settler Cleruch Cavalry, with some Lybian Cavalry on the right.
The army therefore, has a lot of mercenary type figures, compared to the standard sucessor states armies (which generally all look either like a 'generic' or a 'Seleucid' - which is generic + cataphracts and scythe chariots).  I probably made a lot of mistakes - certainly some of the skin tones I applied to figures are completely wrong, but thats neither here nor there in the end, certainly no one has mentioned it so far, and it makes for a good look to the army.
Tarantine light cavalry (I rather liked the nile blue with sun above sybolised as the shield colours), Theurophorai, and Numidian light cavalry.
They are very much the worse for wear now, it was a struggle to find a pike block which didn't have missing pikes, and more than one of the figures  photographed has lost a weapon.  I keep meaning to re glue them, but more interesting new projects distract me.  At least I have all my armies on good bases though, which is more than most 'older' armies you see kicking about on many tables even now.
The Elephants always attract attention - the list offers the better Indian Elephants and the weaker Native African (forest) Elephants, which I decided should be displayed separately, so the Indian ones come with Howda and are generally bigger, while the brown African ones are smaller, and most have riders only.  I spotted one guy's idea, of doubling up the elephants onto his bases (later, I discovered this was simply because he ordered too many and didn't want to waste them), and adapted it to a less crowded idea - having three elephants on the double base designed to carry two.  Doubling this base also allowed me to add integrated infantry supports, and get more of an active without overcrowed look.  Contrasting this with the frankly puny looking single elephant on a double base which some gamers use works very well.
Jumblery - African Elephants on the left and Indian on the Right.
The Freikorp figures attract some interest from older gamers as well, who associate them with ultra brittle castings of years gone by.  I have not had a single issue with this, and hope they stand as testimony to the improvements to his range - and they look great, although the 45 degree angle makes storage a bit tricky if you go for as long a pike as I did.
Cretan archers (with added shields), Peltasts, and some Ethiopian sort of javelin men - the red hair is supposed to be clay splattered on top of their normal hair, which I saw in an image somewere.
Figures are a real mix - Freikorps, Essex, Xyston, Covus Belli, Donnington and quite a few others.  So many in fact, that I managed to paint up about a third of a Lybian army with 'extra figures' over a long winter recently - they are being finished off as one of my other projects too.  The Sheilds are LBMS transfers.