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My Pyrrhic Army.
I purchased a bulk load of Xyston Macedonians at a bring and buy some years ago, and one winter, I painted them up into units to see what I had. I decided on Pyrrhus as the focus, rather than Macedonians, as he seemed more interesting and with less potential for catastrophic expansion than an Alexandrian army.
Macedonian Phalanx (with the sunsplash), Pyrrhus, and the Epiriot Phalanx on the right.
One of the ideas I had to develop it was to ensure file closers are shown on each rank of the phalanx - since Xyston makes the figures, and the bag of lead included quite a few of them (I think the chap who sold them was primarily a fantasy gamer, and liked the wings on the helmets), but as Armati offers two ways to deploy your infatry, I couldn't make a back rank of closers, and instead went for a symbolic array of 'rank-closers' on the left hand file of each section. I also decided that these guys would look more impressive with blue helmets.  I'm not at all convinced that blue was a standard colour, or a regimental colour, so using them to differentiate specific 'leader' figures works well for me.
Epiriot cavalry (I took a yellow with red stripe cloak theme for no particular reason), Greek mercenary cavalry, and some Molossian cavalry on the right - with striped cloaks.
Peltasts, Cretan archers, and skirmishing javelinmen - with a spare javelin behind the shield (I think this army was the first time I used that idea).
The Italiots came next, overall I am very happy with the way they came out, although I realise I did make half of them too uniform (I got a bit carried away with red). One of the big advantages which 15mm offers over 28mm is that you can do a number of units that might only ever get played once just so you have the options there - so to put it into perspective for non Armati players, I have two units of each of the first three and 4 of the Tarantines - each unit 2 sections (or 4 DBx elements) making 10 units of 'supporting' troops for the main elite of the army. I doubt I will ever field more than 5 at any one time, probably less - but just in case, I can go with any of them or a mix.
The Italiot allies: Appulian infantry (lovely figures but horrible underarm poses making them a real nightmare to base), Campanians (the closest to hoplites and the most uniform), Samnites (with replaced Scutum) and Tarantines - taking the pike option (mostly because I forgot to look up hoplites when I placed the order). 
I probably shouldn't have used the same red rim for all of the Appulians, and I chose a very uniform apperance for the Campanians, as I put the most effort into the Samnites before them.
I have the elephant next, a couple more Peltasts and a Tarantine light cavalry unit and the 'funnies' - Samnite light heavies and a Galatian mercenary unit. And I think a new Pyrrhus as well - since it does appear that he wore a horned helmet.  That will complete the Armati list, who knows whether I wll return to expand on it or not in the future.
The elephants (Xyston Carthaginians) - I could not decide whether to go brown or grey, but a couple of ink washes over white undercoat seem to give the appropriate grey-brown.  You will note the double wide basing - this allows a comfortable 3 elephants, which always looks much better than two single ones (or heaven forbid, one elephant on an 80mm wide base on its own).  The foot support troops are Xyston Oscans/ Campanians without armour.  And a second Pyrrhus (with horned helmet and bloke reading paper who might have come from Frei Korps).
The last lights: slingers and light cavalry, and the funnies: Samnite light-heavy infantry, Galatian Mercenaries.
The slingers are Xyston Rhodians, and I have done an extra one for the Macedonian project, and when Xyston produce their promised Tarantine light cavalryman, I will move this Macedonian light cavalryman over to that project (and box) as well, to keep a separate pair for each army.
The Samnite LHI, I again swapped out the shields for Rorman scutum and used a mix up of transfers to keep them quite similar to the main Samnite foot.  I am particularly happy with the Galatians, althought they do look far to Gallic (and well off) to really make it as Galatian mercenaries.  Thoughts of a Gallic army do pop up again,..
I had an idea to write my own ancients rules for the Republican Roman period - and these guys may make the spur for the opposing army.  Phil Sabin's Lost Battles gives some easily adaptable actual historical battle array army lists to work towards, but of course, first I have to complete the necessary Armati army before any thought can be given to an orbat for Heraclea or Asculum, or even against the Carthaginians in Sicily.
The figures are all Xyston, and shield transfers are LBMS.