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This is my army completed for 2015.

The theme is warbands and wizards, and the figures are Essex Aztecs.

The camp is still in transit, an Aztec sacrificial something I found on the internet - hopefully it is not too big.

Warbands  Blades; Magicians; Hero

Special rules for this army

 Extra if element or group contains Aerials or Magician




 Aid Bespelling


 Replace desorcelled Magician or Hero





Magicians can pass through any friends.

Ground troops can pass under friendly aerials or enemy Fliers or Aerial Heroes, but not if they are in close combat.

Combat Results

Recoilers pass through friends if allowed to otherwise push them back. Behemoths, Dragons and Gods can only be pushed back by each other.

Fleeing elements (except Lurkers) recoil first. Unless fleeing field, elements flee 600p.

A magician rolling a ‘1’ when bespelling is turned into a frog if he has rolled a ‘1’ before.

Knights, Beasts, Behemoths and Warband (including a second rank) follow up