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This is my favourite themed HoTT army - the Boche.  I was rather taken with the idea of hordes of Boche invading North Western Europe. 
My' hero', Theo
Hordes of 1871 Prussians (waving Imperial German Naval ensigns, because they looked cooler), with World War One aircraft overhead, and a stronghold of a rail juntion unloading more troops, the hero is Theo Kretschmar-Schuldorff - from the brilliant film, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp.
Left is a two seater 'flyer', centre is the eindecker which occasionally makes an appearence as an 'arial hero', and the ubiquitous Zepplin 'Airboat'
Luckily, my French wargaming friend, Vincent, saw the funny side too.  I haven't shown them to any Germans yet though...
Left is the 'stronghold' - rail trucks bringing fresh hordes to the front (Brussels and Paris are the signposted directions), centre are some of the legions of picklehaube bonnetted 'hordes', and the Uhlan 'riders' on the right.
All figures are Essex, I think the aircraft are Skytrex, and the Zepplin was a £1.50 kit from my local model shop.  The rail equipment is a scale set from a local rail model shop - I felt apologetic about asking for some trucks 'this high' from the man, and had to confess I wasn't a train person.  The Flags were just printed off somewhere on the interweb - possibly warflag, but  really don't remember for sure.  Every horde has one, and I went for the naval Ensigns since they looke more interesting.  A dozen of them coming toward you looks quite impressive, I think.
Special rules for this army

 Extra if element or group contains Aerials or Magician


 Replace Horde





Ground troops can pass under friendly aerials or enemy Fliers or Aerial Heroes, but not if they are in close combat.

Aerials not recoiling can pass over any ground troops and cannot end a move in woods or BUA.

Recoiling aerials cannot pass over any troops or through woods or BUA.

Mounted can pass through friendly foot facing in the same or opposite direction.

Combat Results

Bespellers or Shooters ignore adverse results unless bespelling God or Magician, or shooting at an enemy that shot back.

Recoilers pass through friends if allowed to otherwise push them back

Recoiling Behemoths and Dragons destroy any elements met except Behemoths, Aerials or Sneakers.