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This was inspired by my Polish better half.
We were watching Ognem i Mechem - Fire and Sword, the Polish TV miniseries based on the Henryk Sienkiewicz books, and I thought, they would be fun to do as an army.
With no good renaissance rules to use, I morphed the idea into a small HoTT project - and then decided to mak them a sledghammer army, all or nothing, one shot, an army of 'Knights' with little else.  If they win, the generally ge a kill.  If they lose the generally die, so the games are very fast, and not much finesse is shown.
These are a pair of token 'riders' to pop out on the ends and slow down any outflanking of the line of Knights.
I also have a tatty tourist trinket from Krakow of Smok Wawelski, the dragon of Wawel Castle in Krakow.  If he ever wins me a game, I'll consider geting a proper miniature and photographing him.
This is a rediculously oversized stronghold - it looks great, but takes up more space than the army itself.  I rather like the idea of the infantry standing around and watching the nobles doing all the work for a change.
 The figures are all Legio Heroica, they are very fiddly to set up the wings, but the effect is worth it.

Special Rules for this Army

 Extra if element or group contains Aerials or Magician


 Deploy all Dragons



Ground troops can pass under friendly aerials or enemy Fliers or Aerial Heroes, but not if they are in close combat.

Aerials not recoiling can pass over any ground troops and cannot end a move in woods or BUA.

Recoiling aerials cannot pass over any troops or through woods or BUA.

Mounted can pass through friendly foot facing in the same or opposite direction.

Combat Results

Recoilers pass through friends if allowed to otherwise push them back. Behemoths, Dragons and Gods can only be pushed back by each other.

An element forced to recoil with a non-sneaker enemy in contact with flank or rear is destroyed.

Recoiling Behemoths and Dragons destroy any elements met except Behemoths, Aerials or Sneakers.

Fleeing elements (except Lurkers) recoil first. Unless fleeing field, elements flee 600p.

Knights, Beasts, Behemoths and Warband (including a second rank) follow up