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The Teutonic Crusaders / Knights of Christ
I was able to complete this army over the Chrristams / New Year break -  with enough time to perhaps even get in a test game or two. Being a HoTT army, its very small and quick to prepare, which allows more time to hunt around for some interesting figures to paint and ideas to use, and gives free licence to abandoning all chronological accuracy when a better figure which is out of period is available.  The most difficult decision this time, was whether to put them on winter / snow bases or not.  I decided against it, simply because I thought the white would not have such an effect if based on more white, that, and the wood being too cold to burn for the stronghold.
The figures are almost all Milirton - some their teutonic Crusader range (admittedly many years before Grunwald), some from their Burgundian wars (much nicer crossbowmen), with a Splintered Light bishop (Robin Hood range), and some of their Italian Communal infantry and the Baueda Joan of Arc at the sake for a stronghold.
For the generals, I have a choice of two options - the cleric general - to even up the points if I choose to take the little cannon, or a knight general if I do not.
Main attack comes from a combination of a Hero and a Paladin - the Paladin is the chap using his sword two handed (he also has the Grand Master's cross on his shield - curtesy LBMS transfers.  The stronghold they defend is a combination of themes - the death of Wanda, a Polish princess who refused to marry a German prince (she died by suicide) has been combined with some typical heretic burning and a Spartan 'these are our walls' idea, to get a simple stronghold, using some interesting figures, instead of 'yet another tiny castle'. And a little cannon, which may well be as effective as the ones at Grunwald itself.
The bulk of the army are the Bretheren and guest knights - I went for a mix of full bretheren (full cross), lay bretheren (white but only the T cross) and sergents (grey mantles and a T cross) to make the figures a bit more interesting to paint - luckily the Osprey on Crusader Knights shows these sergents still having a white shield, as the grey ones looked rubbish when I first painted them.- I also followed a thread in the autumn of 2010 on the AncMed Yahoo group about how many of the army would be in full white cross and where the T (Tau) cross came from (and which degenerated into some utterly pointless nonesense because some idiot compared the Crusaders to Nazi's, when will folk understand that you cannot compare anything to those toxic little buggers).  The Infantry are crossbowmen - using a black central stripe on their Pavaise's, which looks much better than attempting to paint a cross over it.
I have named the army after the excellent Polish movie of the same name which was restored this year in support of the 400th anniversary of the battle, based on the Henryk Sienkiewicz novels - which culminates in the battle in 1410 of Grunwald / Tannenberg - Which in itself is a good argument against those who think the victors write history, since the Poles and Lithuanians won the battle, but in the west it is still known by the Germanic name given it by the vanquished.
Next year's HoTT army, I think, may well be using Splintered Light's figures - I'm pondering something along the lines of Saxons with Blades (axes) and Beasts (Wardogs).
Special Rules for this army






Ground troops can pass under friendly aerials or enemy Fliers or Aerial Heroes, but not if they are in close combat.

Mounted can pass through friendly foot facing in the same or opposite direction

Combat Results

Bespellers or Shooters ignore adverse results unless bespelling God or Magician, or shooting at an enemy that shot back.

Recoilers pass through friends if allowed to otherwise push them back
Fleeing elements (except Lurkers) recoil first. Unless fleeing field, elements flee 600p.

Knights, Beasts, Behemoths and Warband (including a second rank) follow up

Well, these chaps won the tournament - much to my surprise, capturing an enemy stronghold to take the final victory. 
They have been awarded the 'Golden Phoenix' trophy, which I have to defend next year with the prize army - some wierd sci fi stuff I shall pay minimal attention to closer to time.
I shall look forward to defending the title - I think I will donate the wierd sci fi figures as a prize at the end of the competition after they have had their obligatory run in defence.
More importantly, the Krzyzacy won all three games - although I think I was lucky in running into warbands and hordes in my opponents - just the thing for a Knightly army to go chasing about.