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Saxon Dogs

Having now played my obligatory year as defending champion with the prize army from 2011, I am free to return to a new HOTT project for the competition for 2013.

In 2010, I made the Kryzacy - Knights of Christ, Teutonic army, which was lucky enough to win the competition. The prize was a sci fi something or other, which I played with as defending champion, but determined to make a prize of in itself since it would be appreciated by someone else more than it would by me.  So I offered the army up as a prize for the best performing borrowed army, and Bill won it by a very close margin from Marco.

Anyway, when I was completing the Kryzacy, I decided I wanted a cleric type figure - and the best I could find came from Splintered Light's Robin Hood range.  I decided I would also see what some of their Early Saxon figures were like, so I ordered a few of those too, and was very impressed - so much so that I was half way through the HOTT army on this theme when I was stopped in my tracks by winning the competition in 2011.
Now that my obligatory defence of the title with the prize army is over, I will be returning to the Saxon Dogs army theme again.
The basic idea is an army of Blades and Beasts - Saxon sword and axemen, and War Dogs, with a few other things thrown in no doubt.
Above - Saxons, Dogs, Two Heroes and a Cleric
Anyway, the figures will be almost all from Splintered Light, with a few extra dogs from Xyston.
I think the hardest thing to find for this will be a decent stronghold idea - its a great shame SL no longer offer their saxon long house, as they would be perfect.
The order from Splintered Light came with a small thank you for patience while they waited for one pack to be recast - I think its their Grendal and Beowulf figure set - it makes a neat second Hero, and an unexpected Behemoth (the Grendal figure is a clearly large enough).
The Behemoth, Two lurkers (one in a sort of marsh background threatening with a particularly mean looking snake), the sneakey sneaker, and the forest stronghold.
I have three options for the general - a hero, the cleric, or the middle saxon blade element.
The figures were an absolute delight to paint, although the advice I will offer on them, is to forget the extra large shields - they are just too big - and only use the smaller ones as I mostly did.

Special Rules for this army

 Deploy Lurker (1st time) 
 Deploy Lurker (2nd time) 
 Deploy Lurker (3rd time) 


Sneakers can pass or be passed through by anything.

Ground troops can pass under friendly aerials or enemy Fliers or Aerial Heroes, but not if they are in close combat.

Combat Results

Opponents of Sneakers ignore adverse results unless Sneakers, a general or a Stronghold.

Recoilers pass through friends if allowed to otherwise push them back. Behemoths, Dragons and Gods can only be pushed back by each other.

An element forced to recoil with a non-sneaker enemy in contact with flank or rear is destroyed.

A recoiler who meets impassable terrain, a Stronghold, or enemy or friends it cannot pass through, push back or destroy is destroyed.

Recoiling Behemoths and Dragons destroy any elements met except Behemoths, Aerials or Sneakers.

Fleeing elements (except Lurkers) recoil first. Unless fleeing field, elements flee 600p.

Knights, Beasts, Behemoths and Warband (including a second rank) follow up