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German Imperialists

These guys were one of the first armies I completed - and the painting shows, sadly.  These guys really do look like they have been in the wars, which is hardly surprising since they have survived a fall of almost 3 meters on more than one occasion.
Left are the Knights, Centre is the general, and on the right are the Men at Arms and Sergents (no armour on their horses, you see).
One of the things I wanted to try with this army, was to represent the 'lance' more than the main knight - so there is at least one page type figure on each Knightly base.  I also double based the cavalry two bases wide, which allowed more action on the base, and made one out of six figures as a page look less odd than one of three.  It also makes them much faster to move on the table.
Originally, they were intended to be a morph army from the first completed 15mm army I finished - the Hugenots, but I quickly abandoned that idea as I soon worked out that morphing one army's figures into another was a poor long term idea.
While you may save on time initially, not having to do every figure by reusing figures from some other force, you lose in the long run, as you cannot field both armies, you frequently have figures sitting in the wrong box when you need them for a hasily arranged game, and you are always 'inspired' to morph into something else, without ever actually completing what you have started.  (what Graham calls the  curse of the last unit).
Being a medieval Aramati army, almost every mounted figure is allowed to dismount.  One christmas, I decided to set about making dismounted figures for every able unit for ths army.  It involved relearning a particularly poor painting style, but accordingly was quite fast to do.
Left are the dismounted knights (all with a standard taken from the Lance and Longbow Society booklet on Frederick the Victorious), centre are some pikemen (soon to become Landsknechts in their fancy coloured fabrics) and right are the MAA.
These guys mostly get a run now, when we host the Armati Competition up her in Glasgow every November - the format for those games, is to lay on preset scenarios and armies, which means that they can get a five game run if they are used, by lots of players over the weekend, and this also maks having the dismounted figuers available as an essential option for the fresh approach to the same game which each new player brings.
Left are some basic foot - only slightly better than an unwilling peasant, centre are some pavaise equipped Crossbowmen, and right are the skirmish crossbows
They don't inspire me to arrange games at the club very often these days, however, partly as the crossbow and longbow rules tend to make for less than enjoyable games in this period.  Mostly though, I just don't like looking at the figures so much anymore. 
Figures are mostly Essex and Museum, but I really couldn't swear to where the rest came from.  Shield transfers are Veni Vedi Vici.