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My guys - used for international advertising !


The 2010 Britcon was announced to be Dark Age Western Europe, rather than the more traditional broad periods of previous years.
The intention was to get lots of shieldwall armies, and to get away from the LHI heavy armies and heavy cav with bow armies that had come to dominate.  Armati does not give much of a game if one side has the ability to crush a flank and turn in on you before your main battle line of heavy infantry can get involved, and the shield wall / Dark Age western European armies hardly ever get a run accordingly.
Viking Boats crew in shield wall, centre is the army general, and to the right some Huscarls with big axes chopping over the top of the shieldwall.
After a quick search, the Vikings from Baueda were the nicest figures I could find to make an army with, so I did.  They were also the first time I had a chance to get a large army from Vexillia, which is a pleasure to deal with as a figure retailer - Martin is also a stalwart of the Lance and Longbow society, and we had been in touch over a plan to digitise the historic issues of the society during 2009.
One of the things I quickly worked out, was that the Baueda figures would allow me to get 5 men on the front rank, all with overlapping shields.  By double basing a rear rank at the same time, I got a true shieldwall look to the army, which I was particularly happy with.
Some boats men with bow support, the mounted option which comes as a swap for huscarl figures, and the baerserks on the right.
I also knew I would be taking some rough ground (marsh) terrain pieces to the competition, so I decided to make these into islands of land, which I had planted tents on, and I took some model longships to run ashore onto some other terrain pieces, so that I portrayed a Viking landing which was being defended from a counter attack.  If I can find some appropriate pallisades, I will get some of those as well, to emphasise the defensive terrain features even more.
I think it worked well.  Better in fact, than the army's performance over the weekend, as too many guys turned up with LHI heavy armies which turned my flank, leaving me standing there waiting for the inevitable.  But I did get one good win and a draw, and a huge moral victory - I had the only all-infantry army, and took points off everyone I faced. 
Skirmishing youths - and one of the tents, with some of the markers I use to indicate the figures have deployed into shieldwall, made of extra figures.
I think the organiser is planning on repeating the tournament design again next year, but with tighter restrictions on the armies to encourage more dark age invasion stuff.
I  have also worked out some better tactics now, thanks to Vincent, which make a more enjoyable game with them.
Figures are all Baueda, except the slingers who are Corvus Belli Gauls, and the Mounted Huscarls, who are Khurasan.  The tents are Baueda also.  Shield transfers and the banner are all LBMS - although a fair amount of hand painting whent on afterwards, as these were not designed for this range, and I had to cover up a fair number of mis sized edges.  Having done this many sheild transfers, I  must say, I was please evertime a plain wooden shield came up.