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Renaissance Projects

The first army I properly completed, was for the Renaissance period - French Wars of Religion Huguenots for Armati.
At the time, we played a lot of Armati Renaissance in the club.  That has slipped now, mostly due to the appallingly slow delivery of the oft promised Armati Renaissance rules.
But the figures remain - see the subpage below for them.


Armati Renaissance 2 has now had a first draft submitted back, which is promising.

As part of that process, the points system was published.  I reproduce that below for convenience with the caveat that it is still officially WIP and may be altered.

 Control         ratings 
 Attribute Points Value
 Heavy CR Point 4 pts.
 Light CR Point 3 pts.
 Initiative Point 2 pts.

  Troop Points Attribute: Movement mechanics Value
 Move Wheel/Move HI 2 pts.
 Move Wheel/Move HC 1 pt.
 Move Impetus 1 pt.
 Move All Obligatory Chargers -1 pt.

  Troop Points Attribute: Combat mechanics Value 
 Melee Pikes: FT, P&S, Tercio 1 pt.
 HI w/ Combined Flank and Special FV < 1
(EXC: Levy)
 -1 pt.
 Melee  HI w/ Combined Flank and Special FV >= 5 1 pt.
 Flank FV 4+
(Not Cumulative with the above)
 Melee All HI (and DMA) (FV-2) x 2 pts.
 Melee Levy 4 points
 Melee  LI, LHI  (FV-1) x 2 pts.
 MeleeBasic SI2 pts.
 Melee SI armed with Longbow/musket/arq  3 pts
 Melee  WB (BP3)   (FV-2) x 2
 Melee WB (BP4)(FV-1) x 2
 Melee All LB units 7 Points
 Melee KN, HC, MA, HCP FVx2
 Melee LC  (FV+1) x 2
 Melee DragoonsFV x 2
 Note Pike and shot units Same as foot unit accounting

for shooting and other attributes

(E.g., pike, Wheel and move)
 Note Tercios As foot plus extra BP,

plus 4 points for CR,

plus extra for all-around firing (+2)

 Troop Points Attribute: Shooting mechanicsValue 
 Fire PROT rating (EXC: SI) (PROT - 1) x 1 pts.
 Fire Longbow 3 pts
 Fire     Crossbow (EXC: SI) 2 pts.
 Fire Sling/Bow (EXC: SI) 2 pts.
 Fire Bow (Cavalry) 2 pts.
 Fire Handgun/Arquebus 2 pts.
 Fire Musket (foot) 3 pts.
 Fire Musket or Arquebus (cavalry) 1 pt.
 Fire Cavalry pistol 1 pt.
 Fire Javelin (EXC: SI)  1 pt.
 Javelin (Cavalry)
 1 pt.
 Fire Heavy Field Gun  8 pts.
 Fire Medium Field Gun 6 pts.
 Fire Light Field Gun 4 pts.
 Fire Salvo (Montrose Irish and Swedes) 1 pt.
Fire Low percentage muskets
(e.g., English Royalists – in period only)
 -1 pt.
 Fire High Percentage muskets/arq  +1