Huguenots and Maximillians

I freely admit, this is an odd 'pair', but these are the first army I made properly myself, and also the only remaining 'morph' army I have - the core of Landsknechts doubling for both.
Reiters on the left, late period Gendarmes in the middle, Millers on the right (in their plain cassocks)
They make a colourful army, although one which is almost never used, since Armati Renaissance has yet to be produced, none of us particularly like FoG enough to add the necessary figures to make it usable for those rules (and besides, all my infantry are based double-deep, on 40 x 30 bases, which is so much better than the silly 15mm depths FoG uses), and because I happen to know the playtesters for Armati Ren, who says the holdups are now mostly resolved so something may get published at some point, if the organisers really can be bothered. 
Early Gendarmes on the left, Henry IV in the middle (Ralliez-vous à mon panache blanc!) and Maximillian on the right.
Originally, they were a Huguenot army from the French Wars of Religion - modelled on Henry IV.  At the time I decided to do them, Renaissance was being played every week in the club.  That stopped not long after I completed them (Armati 2 came out, which had no Renaissance component, one being promised the following year...), but not so soon that I felt they were a dead army for me.  Later, when off work ill for a week a few years ago, I dug up some proper early Gendarmes and painted them up colourfully to have that option as well.
The figures (sadly, Italian Landsknechts not in Pluderhosen, as they should be) also get a run every year or so when someone gets inspired to put on a multiplayer Italian Wars game on a weekend, which we try to do in the summer.
Huguenot Arquebusers on the left, Pikemen on their right (My favourite unit, for some reason), and the Musketeers on the far right.
My intention was to have highly colourful Landsknechts offset against ultra soberly dressed Huguenots (taking a lead from the excellent French movie 'La Riene Margot', which has all the Protestants in black - a fantastic visual shorthand).  On the table it works brilliantly - which is more than can be said for the army. 
Landsknechts - Arquebusiers, Pikemen and Crossbowmen
The Maximillian morphing came by chance - I worked out I needed almost no figures for the list which was posted on the then promising official Armati web page.  I doubt I even have that list anymore, but I do have the figures.
As the figures (all Essex) are Italian Wars rather than true FWoR, they are more accurate for the Maximillians than for their original Huguenot costume, but with so much colour, and over sized figures, no one bothers to look that closely. 
Huguenot Argoulets on the left, Landsknecht dopplesoldner the middle, and a cannon on the right.
I stumbled upon an excellent tip for painting the Landsknechts - use two colours only for the costume, and you will not drown them in a morass of colour, but rather retain a consistent look for each figure and get a better, understandable, unit effect.  Its true, it works prefectly, I think - even for block colour painting like this.  Plus, the flags (phototcopied out of the Osprey books and photoshopped into a pair to wrap around a pole) hide attention from everything else.