Refighting Kolin

Our refight of the battle of Kolin
Three views of the full table, Left is the opening stages with Zeiten and Nadasty fighting over the church while the main Austrian army redeploys. Centre is a pretty full show of the whole thing, and right is some of Nadasty's command taking the role-play a little too far, and 'redeploying like an Austrian 'to get his cavalry away from Trescows infantry and over to where Zeiten's attack is coming.
We did this as a 15 player (plus a 'Fred' and a 'Daun') game on the occasion of my impending marriage (any excuse...), taking Kolin as our starting point.
The terrain was laid out before I had even arrived to look at it (I'm sure we could have made the main hill a proper hill, rather than what appears to be a row of hills had we put more boxes under the cloth, but the basic outline of the edge was important since we did not expect intensive fighting 'over the crest' as it were anyway, so off we went.
the 'map' itself shows the deployment breakdowns, I'll attempt to replicate it through the medium of dance (ok, through a spreadsheet)
I have saved it as a pdf attachment at the bottom of this page, which means the grid has fallen off, and the sheet is split in half, but as its pretty basic anyway, it should suffice for anyone folish enough to want to have a go themselves.
Terrain-wise, the church etc represents the walled church and old fortifications.  We decided to make them quite small and only allow 1 irregular unit to occupy it, and to say that it had no effect on movement unless it was defended.
The commands are not absolutley accurate, but I wanted everyone to have a named role, and went for the most noticable names when there was nothing obvious to use to identify a certain portion of troops.
The lines engaged (got to love that linen wool smoke), slightly earlier as the wings become free to advance, and a rather poor attempt at showing some detail on the figures.
The Prussians were given as follows:
v Zeiten - five elite Hussars, five 1st class Hussars and one 1st class Dragoons
v Tresckow - two elite Line, two elite Grenadiers and one gun (and first call on a couple more regiments for balance as this was the smallest command)
v Bevern - six elite line, one elite Grenadier, one Guard (true guard) and one gun
v Penavaire - six 1st class Cuirassiers, four 1st class Dragoons, two Guard (true guard) Cuirassiers.
v Hulsen - four Elite Line, three Elite Line
v Manstein - three Elite Line, four 2nd class Fusiliers, one gun
The Austrians were given as follows
Nadasty - 1 Grenzer in the church, five 2st class Hussars, two 1st class Cuirassiers
v Wied - two elite Line, two elite Grenadiers, two 1st class Cuirassiers
Puebla - six 1st class Line, one gun
Starhemberg, six 1st class Line, one gun
Lutzow - two 1st class Dragoons, one 1st class Cuirassiers, 1 elite Grenadier, two Grenzer
Serbelloni -six elite Cuirassiers, two 1st class Dragoons
Andlau - siz 1st class Line, one gun
Sincere - seven 1st class Line, two 1st class Cuirassiers, two 1st class Dragoons
Kolowrat - six elite Line
no guns were deployed on game start
Zeiten and Nadasty were in charge range on turn one and active, Treskow was told he was to support Zeiten and follow him up to turn the Austrian line.
Wied and Puebla were told they could not advance off the hill and must hold it at all costs.
Bevern and Penavaire were not allowed to advance for three turns
Starhemberg and Lutzow were made to wait for two turns before they could follow up to support the defence of the church,
Serbelloni and Sincere one turn later.
Manstein and Hulsen were told to mask the hill (until turn four, when Frederick demanded to know why they had not taken it yet).
Kolowrat and Andlau were told to not leave the hill.
By turn five everyone was given free reign.
 As is typical with a King of the Battlefield game, it played out broadly as things went historically - the initial Prussian attack faltered, they then failed to make any progress elsewhere, and eventually the numbers tolled and they were forced to retreat - which sweeps over what was a very enjoyable game in which everyone got a decent bash at running their own command at a critical point the the game.
Various attempts at figuring out how to make the new camera phone work are shown above. (the Bavarians were by request, as Graham had a small contingent which he discovered was too small to use on their own and which he had never been able to put on the table before.  It amused everyone to let him take the role of Sincere, given that he is a lawyer, and therfore by definition, the most insincere person any of us know.
 All figures are Pendraken 10mm on 30mm square bases (3 bases per regiment), and the rules are King of the Battlefield, by Ian Godwin.
Special thanks to Alasdair, who provided most of the figures.
Mark Grindlay,
27 Aug 2012, 06:34