Refighting Leuthen

Leuthen, on the 250 (well, 255th) anniversary of the day itself.
If Alasdair lets me get a hold of his maps and orbats, I'll pop those up too - I know he was using the Osprey for a major source.
But I had the camera, so we have some pictures.
Facing East: The opening positions (Leuthen with Church in the middle is to the right of centre),
The bulk of the Prussian army pushes past the corner of the table from the South West,
A pair of closer shots of the first engagements on the open area to the South West of Leuthen itself, the second showing the Wurtemberg defense of Sagshutz in the background. - all shots taken from almost the same place - to give a position perspective.  The South East was too far past the other players for me to get at.
We skipped right past the fancy manoevering of Frederick and got straight into the attack itself.
This had an interesting side effect, in that pretty much none of the Austrian players knew anything about the deployment, and just assumed that what the saw of the Prussians was what they got.
Even being given a big hint (by players standing 2 meteres further past the edge of the Austrain line and saying 'your army extends back to here, and that was where you expected the battle to be fought' didn't clue them into the fact that there might be Prussians parallel and also off table.
In terms of the battle, the attacks on Sagshutz and to the South East were strongly opposed soon stalled, and while progress was made through sheer force of numbers, it was not as fast as Frederick would have liked - but once he did get past the Wurtemburgers (who were offered honours of war in Sagshutz once their position was turned on both sides) the battle was ready for the second stage - the assault on Leuthen itself.
At this stage I had to depart, but I gather that time was against the second phase getting fully played out.  However, the Austrains had reformed a single line along the length of Leuthen itself, and were pushing up with their cavalry to the West of the town to attempt to turn the Prussian flank and its covering of Prussian Hussars - at which point, the main Prussian heavy cavalry emerged to their rear (which is what happens when you redeploy in front of an enemy) - a climactic cavalry battle was likely to ensue, with the winner having complete control of all the area surrounding Leuthen itself - and the main Prussian line still in solid shape and about to descend onto Leuthen itself from Sagshutz.
Not bad for three hours start to finish and around a dozen players, many of whom were entirely new not the rules.  Had there been another hour, I am quite sure it would have reached a proper conclusion.
At the point I left, I would have expected the Prussians to have been able to fight their way into Leuthen itself - provided their cavalry ensured that the Austrian cavalry was unable to intervene.  But that is always a big ask, as cavalry can hang around ineffectively, completely rout an enemy force, or simply melt like snow in summer in these rules - the unpredicatabllity of a major cavalry encounter is one of the best features, as it requires you to maitain as many reserve lines of horse as possible, and to aways watch for a sudden cavalry exploitation where you least expect it.