Rossbach Project

The French / Reichsarmee for the Rossbach campaign from my current Seven Years War army project.
As I have taken a dislike to painting 10mm figures, I have sent the lead to Alasdair to paint, but the planning is entirely down to me.
So far, I have the generals, cavalry and artillery, and the German and Reichsarmee infantry completed.
The Swiss regiments are now finished, and the final stage will be the French regiments themselves.
Some photos
Austrian Kuirassiers, French Cavalarie, French Dragoons and the French Royal regiments
 Reichsarmee cavalry and infantry and one gun
German regiments, two views of the Swiss, and Soubise
The infantry are all marching with muskets over their shoulders.  I do not particularly like this post, but once the first order returned with them 'marching' this way, I was stuck with it - there appeared to be no better alterative.  On the positive side, however, this army was beaten while on march so it is fitting.
The figures are all Pendraken, and the flags were taken from the excellent Kronoskaf site, which I make a point of donating to periodically, as you should too.  I then doubled them and reversed them using some free web paint/draw product or other, and printed them at a height I guessed would fit the flagpoles.
There are also some units of Austrian Grenzer, currently doing service in our Maurice campaign with my Russian army.
Alasdair has done an outstanding job on them, and I am very happy with the way the flags came out.  I am getting quite excited about putting them all on the table for a few games, and we may even be able to work it out into a demo game for a show too, as we did with Zondorf and Kunersdorf in earlier years.
The final twelve regiments of French are now back, more white coats to base up. 
Two shots of the French, and one of the full army on the march.
The final image shows the Reichsarmee in the foreground, with the 'German' regiments (blue and white coats)
Then the Swiss and the French regiments
then the guns and more French regiments
and finally the cavalry.
all lead out by some Austrian Grenzer and the generals.
Next step is to work out a playable representation of Rossbach itself, and see if Alasdair has enough Prussians to have a go at it.
As a project, this is now complete!