Zondorf Project

This was a project we rushed through in order to produce a demonstration game for some of the shows a number of years back.
The entire Russian army from the battle of Zondorf - completed in 10mm in 6 weeks.
As you would expect from this combination of facts, the painting is quite slapdash, but as it turned out I rather dislike painting 10mm figures anyway, that is likely to have been the outcome anyway.
Line infantry in red waistcoats, Guns (a secret unicorn), and Baggage, Grenadiers (from the observation corps)
But the game looked very good, and we were even able to play it a couple of times in the club.
Shortly afterwards, I expanded the figures to allow for a Kunersdorf game as well, although I did not do the Austrians for that battle.
 Fragoons, Cuirassiers, Horse Dragoons and Hussars