My Library

I appear to have reached the age when I want to show off my book collection a little.
I use this to double check whether I already have a book before ordering anything new
(the original book cupboard, and the new improved model - with room to expand)
Currently Reading
The books I currently have on the go:  If I like them, they will pop up again in the recommended readings section.
Greek Warfare: Myths and Realities.  Hans van Wees.
I'm particularly ken on seeing whether he addresses sub units within the hoplite phalanx (I am expecting doubt about a single line of battle which is unarticulated and has no units within it)
E Book of the moment
Sitting on top of my Kindle reader list on my mobile phone is
Plutarch - Lives of the Greeks and Romans
Which is likely to take a long time to get through, as most evenings, I'd rather just pop the music player on for the bus ride home, espcially now that the nights are so cold.